Pop Rock Art
recover your favorite 7" records
with unique art prints

Vinyl Recovered

Give your 7" vinyl collection a special look, decorate your vinyl room or make somebody happy with a nice gift.
Each print is fanart inspired by music of the artist/band and their image.
Each print is ONE and ONLY copy. So it is very UNIQUE.
Prints are made on high quality mat paper and they fit into plastic sleeve for 7" records.
Each print is hand signed by the artist who made the artwork and has unique serial number.

Some of my latest art prints for 7" singles:
Lambrettas Barbra Streisand The Mission The Stranglers Johnny Hallyday Joan Jett Bauhaus Billy Idol Genesis Grauzone Tears For Fears Kiss Gary Numan Tina Turner Rick Astley Nik Kershaw Neil Young

Send Your Requests

I make artworks based on my choice of artists/bands and music I find inspiring.
But feel free to contact me if you would like an artwork for your favorite 7" record.
Artworks are also posible in various poster formats, LP sleeve size, CD size etc.
pop rock art in your room

About The Artist

Music has always been an important part of my life. I started to collect vinyl records when I was 9.
I was always fascinated with record covers. I would go into the record shop and spend hours looking at the covers. For me it was a way to discover bands and music. The look of the record cover was often crucial for me to decide weather to buy the record or not. Actually, it still is.
As teenage girl I hanged out with street gangs based on youth subcultures music genres.
Although my first records were breakdance, 80s rap hip hop and Italo disco hits, later I was involved with punk, new wave, synth wave and gothic rock.
During my indie period, I also discovered 60s and neo garage punk and psychedelic rock.
Of course I didn’t skip house music, rave parties and drum’n’bass.
Nowadays I still enjoy discovering new sounds and artists.
Making music too, I played in different bands, always mixing differente genres and styles.
Two small indie labels were my projects, releasing records for bands and artists I liked. I also designed record covers and concert posters.
I studied contemporary art at Dutch Art University, and music was always big inspiration for my artworks. pop rock art
Shortly, I guess I simply can’t live without music.
Music is an endless source of inspiration for me, so items with my artwork & designs here are all UNIQUE - and ONLY 1 print of each artwork is available!!!